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The Jewelers of Saint Petersburg. The Jewelry Articles of the 18th and 19th Centuries from the State Hermitage Collections. The Art of Modern Jewelers

The exhibition features nearly 150 outstanding works of jewelry art designed by Saint Petersburg jewelers. Among the items from the State Hermitage collection dating from the 18th century are the works of the famous masters: Jeremie Posier, Jean-Pierre Adore, Jean-Jacques Duc, Johann Gottlieb Scharf, Joahim Hasselgren and other jewelers who worked for the courts of Empresses Elisabeth and Catherine II. Jewelry art of the 19th century is represented by the works of Johann Helfried Barbe, Wilhelm Keibel, masters of the famous Faberge firm. The jewelry articles come from the collections of the Winter Palace, Imperial Hermitage Museum and a number of nationalized private collections of the Russian nobility.

It is for the first time that the Hermitage exhibition features articles made by contemporary jewelers from Saint Petersburg. They demonstrate that their authors both follow the traditions of the old masters and also look for the new ways. On display are the works of Andrei Ananov, Vladimir Aliushin, Mikhail Brestkin, Georgy and Natalia Bykov, Leonid Zviagin, Igor Malkiel, Dmitry Pasynkov, Vladimir Shestakov, designers of the jewelry factory "Russkie Samotsvety" Vera Chernova, Natalia Kalganova, Daria Klimina.



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